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I am a polyglot, a multifaceted and versatile individual, placed on this earth with a mission to bring about transformative change in people’s lives.

My life’s journey, work, passion, and aspirations as a tech founder, often referred to as ‘Africa’s Tech Doctor,’ provide me with the platform to fulfill my purpose in the world, introducing you to the essence of Mercy George-Igbafe.


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My Profile

Mercy George-Igbafe (Africa’s Tech Doctor) Genius | Co-Creator with GOD | Keynote Speaker | Board Director | Agile Coach | Disability Humanitarian | STEM Advocate | & DE&I Champion | Certified Trainer, Tech Consultant with expertise in Agile, Scrum, Business Analysis, Data Analytics, and Digital Marketing.

Mercy George-Igbafe is a visionary leader, a tech expert, passionate STEM advocate to promote diversity and inclusion in the tech ecosystem. As the founder of LEARNTOR, an innovative EdTech platform, Mercy is dedicated to nurturing Africa’s abundant tech talent. a highly skilled tech professional with expertise in Agile, Scrum, Business Analysis, Data Analytics, and Digital Marketing. Her dedication to empowering Africa’s technological talent has resulted in remarkable success stories and an impressive track record, making her a sought-after leader in the field.

Empowering Individuals and Organizations

With a proven track record as a corporate trainer and tech consultant, Mercy has consistently elevated both individuals and businesses, enhancing their professional competencies and achieving remarkable results. Her expertise spans Agile, Scrum, Business Analysis, Data Analytics, and Digital Marketing, making her a sought-after tech professional.

Driving Success through Data-Driven Solutions

Mercy is renowned for her ability to help organizations achieve unparalleled success through data-driven decision-making. Her knack for enhancing sales and maximizing ROI through cutting-edge digital solutions has consistently propelled businesses to new heights. Her strategic mindset and keen eye for opportunities keep her clients ahead of the curve.

A Champion of Agile Practices

As an Agile Coach, Mercy champions Scrum and Kanban best practices, helping teams embrace Agile ways of working. Her certifications, including being a Professional Scrum Master and a Microsoft Certified Trainer on Data Platform (PowerBI), highlight her expertise.

Transforming Lives Through LEARNTOR

Under her leadership, LEARNTOR alumni have witnessed incredible transformations, transitioning from having minimal tech skills to securing positions at prestigious companies such as Fluuterwave, Microsoft, McKinsey, NLNG, and prominent banks. Mercy’s consultative skills and her role in organizing workshops and training sessions on Agile Digital Transformation have made a lasting impact.

A Commitment to Excellence and Mentorship

Beyond her technological prowess, Mercy is a JCI Senator and a multiple-award-winning Toastmasters, committed to lifelong learning and passing on her knowledge to those eager to excel. Her dedication to mentorship and personal growth makes her an invaluable asset to LEARNTOR’s mission of empowering students for success in the digital age.

Mercy George-Igbafe’s journey is guided by her core values encapsulated in the acronym M E R C Y: Mastery, Empathy, Resilience, Collaboration, and Yearning for Excellence. These values are the foundation upon which she shapes the future of tech, one empowered individual at a time.

M E R C Y Core Values

M => Mastery: Strives for continuous learning and gaining expertise in Tech around Agile, Scrum, Business Analysis, Data Analysis, Design Thinking and Cyber Security etc.

E => Empathy: Demonstrating understanding, compassion, and care for everyone.

R => Resilience: Confronting challenges with determination and bouncing back from setbacks.

C => Collaboration: Working together, leveraging diverse perspectives as Tech tech experts, fostering teamwork, and adopting the Agile mindset.

Y => Yearning: for excellence in service of others with integrity, a growth mindset, continuous learning, and improvement.


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